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How our products & services will help you during COVID-19

At ECE our vision has always been to provide our customers with a clean and safe environment; whether that be through deep cleaning premises, ozone shock treatments or any other soft service required.

We provide a vast range of both products & services which during the current ongoing pandemic are proving to be extremely useful to both our existing and potential customers.

Our services include Deep Cleaning, Sanitisation & Ozone shock treatments. All of these would be beneficial in ensuring a clean and potentially virus free environment whether it be in an office space, hotel, restaurant or shopping centre.

Spread prevention


XTRA Hand & Multi-Surface Sanitiser is a product we have available to assist our customer base with preventing spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Normal sanitisers contain 60 – 80% alcohol which dry the skin.

This type of formulation is only effective when used on clean hands. If used on soiled hands the effect of the alcohol can be reduced by more than 50%.

Xtra does not use alcohol as a method of killing micro-organisms but instead uses a synergy of biocides and is certified to be effective against the current COVID-19 virus strain.

Xtra is suitable for use where bacteria and viruses accumulate and a thorough clean is paramount.

Xtra will offer residual protection that lasts for up to 8 days, is quick and easy to use and is Laboratory Tested to BS EN 1276.

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Surface cleaning


Our Procleanz Water Systems could provide the perfect cleaning solution for public environments that may be exposed to the virus and provide the cleaning staff with a natural agent to eradicate the virus should it be present on surfaces.

The Procleanz Water systems take regular tap water and by the addition of salt and electricity, transforms it into a powerful surface cleaner.

Delivering high sanitising properties, it was the first electrolysed water product in the UK to achieve the EN1276 accreditation, proving effectiveness against e-coli and listeria, and now adds the EN14476 accreditation to its name.

Our ProCleanz cleaning system produces a natural and non-chemical cleaning solution that has just been awarded an EN14476 accreditation, having been proven to kill the coronaviruses that cause SARS, MERS, and COVID-19.
We hope our products and services may be able to assist you during this uncertain time and welcome any questions on how we may be able to support your business or premises in ensuring a clean and safe environment.

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COVID-19 Procedures & guidelines

How we continue to protect our customers and employees during COVID-19

It is the Company’s firm intention to ensure that the highest practicable standards of Health, Safety, Welfare and Quality management are achieved in respect of all operations.

As a company we always adhere to the latest legislation and government advice and we continue to operate in this manner considering the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

We take advice from the Government, NHS and HSE to ensure we adhere to all necessary procedures and guidelines relating to COVID-19 which enables us to continually protect both our customers and employees.
Our engineers are provided with mandatory PPE for every site they attend and this includes, but is not limited to; Respiratory Face Masks, Gloves, Coveralls and Over Shoes.

We also provide engineers with XTRA Hand & Multi – Purpose Sanitiser in various bottle sizes so that they can adhere to hand sanitising procedures before, during and after attending customers premises. These same sanitisers can be used to disinfect any surface or push plate they may come into contact with during works.
We provide both operational and admin staff with updates on how we are managing the prevention of the virus and how they can help us with this by following all necessary guidelines, including; social distancing, hand sanitisation, wearing PPE where necessary, disposing correctly of PPE and adhering to self-isolation procedures if required.

Alongside regular updates we have a Coronavirus Risk Assessment available to all customers and this is adhered to by all ECE employees.

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