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Grease extract and canopy cleaning

Do You Need Kitchen Extract Cleaning?

Cleaning of the kitchen extract ductwork is a crucial procedure because kitchen extract systems pose a higher risk in terms of fire, odours, and hygiene when compared to general air ventilation systems.

This elevated risk is attributed to the accumulation of grease, cooking oil, and other residues over time, which can potentially serve as an ignition source.

Maintaining cleanliness and ensuring fire safety are integral aspects of effective kitchen management. One significant risk factor lies in your kitchen extract system, which becomes a receptacle for grease, cooking oil, and other residues.

Failure to keep the kitchen extract ductwork clean can result in a significant fire hazard.

To emphasize the importance of adhering to best practices, a thorough cleaning of your kitchen ventilation system is essential.

This ensures compliance with safety standards and addresses the concerns that typically drive responsible individuals to take action. Neglecting ventilation maintenance can exacerbate fire risks as grease accumulates.

Grease extract ductwork often stretches through the entire length of a building to reach a roof-level exhaust, so uncleaned ductwork can put not only the kitchen occupants at risk from fire, but also the whole premises.

Duct - Before Clean
Duct - After Clean

How We Can Help – Grease Extract and Canopy Cleaning

Grease accumulates in areas that can be seen and those you cannot. Our team will thoroughly clean your entire canopy, changing filters where required and cleansing your extraction system through to the exterior ventilation.
We can install all necessary access panels, including fire-rated panels where required.
Our methodology and reporting are in accordance with rigorous industry standards TR19® Grease Specification for Fire Risk Management of Grease Accumulation within Kitchen Extraction Systems, and Fire Protection Association (FPA) RC44 recommendations for fire risk assessment of catering extract ventilation.

Fire Safety Cleanliness Certificate

Upon completion, our work is verified with a comprehensive post-clean report, including photographic documentation.
As evidence of grease extract ductwork cleaning, this certificate can be shown to insurers and Fire and Rescue Service inspectors.

Your legal obligations

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the grease extract ventilation system is included in the fire risk assessment and action taken to eliminate any potential risk to building occupants from potentially fire-hazardous grease deposits in the ducting.

Basement Kitchen Grease Tray - Before Clean
Basement Kitchen Grease Tray - After Clean

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We offer specialist cleaning services including grease extract ventilation cleaninglaundry extract ventilation cleaning and ductwork cleaning. We also offer fire safety solutions including fire stopping, fire compartmentation and testing and inspecting.

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