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Ductwork Cleaning to Supply/Extract Ventilation Systems

Ductwork cleaning is essential to make sure that the environment for building occupants is clean, safe, and healthy.
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Fire compartmentation

Fire compartmentation serves as a barrier that restricts the spread of both fire and smoke within a building.
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Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning

A laundry extraction system is specifically designed to eliminate the moisture and particles generated during the drying process, aiming to create...
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Grease Extract Ventilation Cleaning

Cleaning of the kitchen extract ductwork is a crucial procedure because kitchen extract systems pose a higher risk in terms of fire, odours, and hygiene…
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Fire and Smoke Damper Testing & Inspection

Fire and smoke dampers are found in your ductwork ventilation system, within the building fabric where the ductwork breaches the fire compartment.
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Fire Stopping

Fire stopping is of the utmost importance in preserving your building’s fire compartmentation as part of your buildings passive fire protection system.
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