Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning in UK

A laundry extraction system

How Important is Laundry Extract Cleaning ?

A laundry extraction system is specifically designed to eliminate the moisture and particles generated during the drying process, aiming to create a hygienic and comfortable environment for residents or employees within the establishment.

However, this combination of moisture and particles can create an ideal environment for the accumulation of debris within the extraction system. If the system is not regularly maintained, this buildup can lead to several hazards, including:

The Laundry extraction system can harbor various contaminants, including:

The rate at which these particulates accumulate in a laundry extraction system is much faster compared to a typical extraction system. Therefore, they require more frequent inspections and cleaning, often multiple times a year, to prevent the accumulation from reaching a combustible level.

As shown in the image at the top right, a significant buildup can disrupt the proper functioning of safety measures within the ductwork. In this example, the fire damper cannot operate effectively in the event of a fire. Consequently, the duct not only poses a high risk of combustion but can also facilitate the spread of fire throughout the building, often going unnoticed until it’s too late.

Legislation – Health and Safety Law

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005, all building owners have a responsibility to minimise the potential fire risks within any buildings that they manage. This clearly states that fire safety risk assessments must be carried out and kept up to date which includes an inspection of ductwork where there is potential for fire risk and subsequent maintenance to ensure the system is safe.

In addition to this, most Insurers now require proof of laundry extraction cleaning, servicing and maintenance. If in the event of a fire, if you fail to provide the correct compliance reports or proof that the systems were properly maintained then the entire buildings insurance may be in jeopardy, and payment of claims could be denied.

Failure to achieve compliance and maintain clean and safe laundry extract ventilation systems can have potentially devastating consequences and put the property and those that reside within it at risk. In order to keep people safe, protect your business, satisfy insurer requirements and maintain peak efficiency of machines it is crucial that the maintenance, servicing and cleaning is carried out by a reputable, verified company.

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