Ductwork Cleaning to Supply/
Extract Ventilation Systems

Ductwork cleaning services in UK

Ductwork cleaning is essential to make sure that the environment for building occupants is clean, safe, and healthy.

Landlords, building owners and managers have a ‘duty of care’ and legal obligations to ensure that ventilation systems are kept clean.

Air conditioning or heating ductwork and extraction systems found in toilets, bathrooms and laundries are breeding grounds for bacteria. It has been found in hospitals that temperature and humidity levels, combined with dust particulates and debris typically found in uncleaned ductwork, provide ideal conditions for the growth and spread of infectious micro-organisms such as MRSA.

In a similar way, infections such as flu and the common cold will spread throughout a building if systems are not hygienically maintained and cleaned.

Our duct hygiene services will ensure all your ventilation ductwork is clean and free of dust particulates that harbours micro-organisms.

In addition we provide Ductwork hygiene testing – swab testing for micro-organisms, and dust particulate testing.

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We use a variety of extraction devices, along with specialised mechanical airbrushes, air jets and manual methods. Where existing ventilation ducts have insufficient access to enable cleaning, we can install access doors to facilitate regular inspection and maintenance. All of our engineers are fully trained to the required industry standards.

Our Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Report on ductwork accessibility
  • Cleaning of all debris, dust particles present
  • Photograph evidence of ductwork Pre and Post cleaning, and inaccessibility issues
  • Reportonanydefectsfound,remedialworksrequired.
  • Swab testing.
  • Dust particulate testing.

Our collaborative and proactive approach drives efficiency, cost savings and offers our clients peace of mind.

We are committed to continuous improvement, through innovation and investment in our personnel, methodologies and equipment.

We offer extremely competitive rates and daytime, evenings or weekends to offer minimal disturbance to our clients.

Please call the ECE Group Services team on 0203 757 7150

We offer specialist cleaning services including grease extract ventilation cleaninglaundry extract ventilation cleaning and ductwork cleaning. We also offer fire safety solutions including fire stopping, fire compartmentation and testing and inspecting.

Your legal obligations

The cleaning of ducts and ductwork systems is carried out in accordance with the standards in the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) fully approved Industry Standard of Excellence TR19®, or TR19® Grease, and BS EN 15780.

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